Children’s Parties


Looking for something different for your child’s birthday party? Why not consider holding a football-themed party for your child’s special day? Vikings offers fantastic birthday parties that can be tailored to your needs. We have equipment to hold them indoors, outdoors or even on the beach!

Our birthday parties are suitable for both kids and adults. For kids, our coaches will start with fun warm up drills and games (relays, standing and sprinting, backward running, blind fold etc.). Participants are then taken through a selection of technical drills, using games such as knockouts and double jeopardy rewards. We can finish with a “semi-serious” soccer game so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

Our coaches are there to make sure the event moves along at a good clip and that all participants are involved and having fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Vikings provide the venue?

A1. We can help with booking a venue that is convenient for all. Some venues are free but most charge a fee which will be added to the final cost.

Q2. How long do the soccer parties last?

A2. Anything from one to two 2 hours, but we suggest at least 1.5 hours as many guests may arrive late and may miss a lot of the activities.

Q3. How much does it cost?

A3. The costs vary, depending on additions (e.g. medals, trophies developed and presented) but a rough guideline is as follows:

Weekday & Saturday

1 x Coach and up to 16 children HK$1,500

2 x Coaches and up to 25 children HK$2,500

3 x Coaches and up to 35 children HK$3,500

Sunday & Public Holidays

1 x Coach and up to 16 children HK$2,500

2 x Coaches and up to 25 children HK$3,500

3 x Coaches and up to 35 children HK$4,500

Q4. How many kids can I invite?

A4. As many as you like! We can cater to big and small parties. One coach can comfortably supervise between right and 16 children; for parties of between 17-25 kids, we’d need two coaches, and for parties of over 26 children, we recommend three coaches. For a more boisterous bunch of kids, we may need more coaches, so we would greatly appreciate your input to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

There may be some restrictions due to venue size, but we can notify you so that we are not disappointing guests if the party is too large.

Q5. Can I choose a coach for my party?

A5. Of course! We will try and accommodate all requests.

Q6. What happens if I have to cancel last-minute?

A6. As long as you give us at least three hours’ notice, then there is no penalty from our side but there may be a small charge if the venue cannot be cancelled. If there is adverse weather then we allow you to rebook or cancel, but if the party has already started we only allow for a replacement party and not a refund.

Q7. How do I book a party?

A7. Contact many of our coaches who will be able to put you in touch with the right person, or send us an email with contact details and we’ll get right back to you.

Q7. What additional information do I need to provide for a booking?

A7. We need to know the names of the hosting parents and also the name of the birthday boy/girl and how old they are. Any additional information such as their favourite team or favourite player would also be helpful for our planning.

Information required:

* Name of Host parent, address and contact details

* Name of Birthday Boy/Girl

* Expected number of invited guests, ages/soccer levels (never played, attends soccer school etc)

* Nature of party (birthday/end of term celebration/get together etc.)

* Extra services or items required: cake, drinks, medals, uniforms etc