About us

Vikings Football Club specialises in football coaching and related sports activities. We are all about the quality of the journey and not just the destination.

We believe in the idea that we should develop a good person if we wish to develop a good athlete. Consequently, we teach traditional values, like honesty, integrity, hard work, responsibility, commitment, loyalty, respect and honor.

Below are some of the characteristics of our club philosophy. We believe these are fundamental in achieving long term success in football and life.


The Vikings attempts to give its players what they need, not what they want or what will make them or their parents happy; or make the coach look good. We offer courses to develop football skills and will spend time to get players to the right level. We are not a baby sitting service.


We believe everyone deserves to play and receive professional training. Our coaches are experienced and have been in the game at a professional level. Our courses will challenge and stretch young players into budding stars.


To achieve elite performance levels, we believe it will take a collective effort from all of parties involved; players, coaches, and parents. When on pitch, it is about performing as team and supporting each other to reach success.

Vikings HK

We believe that football is fundamentally an art form, we encourage our players to express their individual passion and love for their art through their own creative interpretation of the game.

The Vikings produces the closest thing to professional football and professionally minded players there is to be found in Hong Kong.

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