Welcome to the Vikings Football Club –  a Hong Kong based soccer school operating in Discovery Bay and at select locations around Hong Kong Island.

Our school is all about fun for children from age 18 months and up. We teach the core skills of soccer –  the beautiful game –  in a safe, sharing environment to allow your child to prosper and grow.  Our wish is to see all our players develop a lifelong love of the game and all the benefits inherent in being part of a team: from the physical soccer skills they learn to the meaning of teamwork, hard work and responsibility.

All our dedicated football coaches have one thing in common – they have all played the game at a professional or semi-professional level, and have attained industry-recognized coaching qualifications. We can therefore provide the highest level of coaching in both English and Cantonese for children of all abilities and mindsets.

If your child could benefit from learning and enjoying playing football with kids their own age, please contact us and we’d be delighted to explain more.


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 We invite all new players to join us for one session as a free trial. If they enjoy it, they can sign up to one of our courses!

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